Currently Istio does not support a fully automated certificate procedure. The standard ingress does support this by means of cert-manager. Would it be possible to combine standard ingress configuration for certification management with istio for other stuff? What are the down-sides to this combination?

  • can't you use nginx ingress ? it cert manager manage automatic cetificate renewal and annotation and many more options are there – Harsh Manvar Feb 11 at 12:54
  • @HarshManvar Well..., that's what my question is about. I probably could use nginx-ingress, but why are people using istio upset about no 'direct istio support for auto-certificates'... would using e.g. nginx-ingress somehow conflict with istio!? And if so, how exactly? – musicformellons Feb 11 at 13:00
  • oh okay got it then i would also like to know have to wait for answer. – Harsh Manvar Feb 11 at 13:01

This was discussed in a blog post on Medium last fall, actually. I held onto the link because I too am interested in using nginx-ingress as the front-end, but then taking advantage of istio "for other stuff". If it pans out for you, would love to hear.

  • To me it seems this two-tier approach becomes complex pretty quickly and I read somewhere it does not support 'sticky sessions'. For now, I am betting on a one-tier approach of istio only and I think they are getting closer at solving the certificate stuff. – musicformellons Feb 27 at 9:37
  • This article nicely compares the various ingress tools. The link to the google sheet includes istio ingress as well. – musicformellons Feb 27 at 9:54

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