When I run the code below I get an error message

Keyword 'BuiltIn.Log' expected 1 to 5 arguments, got 0.

for the second log to console (within the if-clause). Why? Why doesn't it "see" the variable I try to send as an argument?

Googling doesn't return anything useful. I have tried several combinations of spaces and apostrophes but nothing has worked.

Function key above F12
    [Arguments]  ${fkey}
    ${ValidFKeys}=    Create List    F13  F14  F15  F16  F17
    log to console  ${fkey}
    Run Keyword If   $fkey in $ValidFKeys  run keywords
    ... log to console  ${fkey}

Check the Run Keywords documentation:

By default all arguments are expected to be keywords to be executed.

What happened is Run Keywords treated Log To Console as the first keyword to be ran, then the value of ${fkey} as the second - it did not pass it as argument to the log. To overcome this, add an "AND" - so now it knows ${fkey} is an argument; if yo udon't have any other keyword to be ran, either drop Run Keywords, or use No Operation:

Run Keyword If   $fkey in $ValidFKeys  run keywords
... log to console  ${fkey}  AND  No Operation
  • Wouldn't Run Keyword documentation not be a better choice? – A. Kootstra Feb 11 at 12:55
  • 1
    If it's a single keyword to be ran, then using Run Keyword is redundant - Run Keyword If by itself runs a single one. – Todor Minakov Feb 11 at 13:10
  • Seems to work. How come Send special key Shift doesn't require a AND No operation? Isn't Shift an argument to Send special key, similar to how a string is logged? – d-b Feb 11 at 13:23
  • It is worth adding that No operation isn't necessary if you have more lines following your first line, which you should if you use run keywordS. – d-b Feb 11 at 13:55
  • > "It is worth adding that No operation isn't necessary if you have more lines" - that's right, I've put the No Operation precisely to have more than 1 line :). I can't comment why Send special key Shift worked without the AND with no code sample; perhaps it was one of a series of keywords? If it was the sole one passed to Run Keywords, then the same error would have been logged. – Todor Minakov Feb 11 at 17:36

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