TestNG groups annotation is declared at test method level, that is, you can specify which group or groups a specific test method can belong to.


@Test(groups = { "group1", "group2" }, priority = 10, enabled = true)
    public void doTest() {}

For a given scenario where all test methods only belong to a single group, it almost seems like an overhead to specify the group name in each test method. Is there a way, in this case, to set the group name at a higher (class) level?

  • I think you can put @Test annotation at class level - and therefore groups attribute too. Did you try that ? – Benoit Feb 11 at 12:45

Yes, you can do it this way at class level.

@Test(groups = GROUP_EXAMPLE)
public class ClassExample {

public void methodExample() {


Hopefully it helped!

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