I used webdev to build my Dart Angular web application with the following command:

webdev build -r

Everything works besides bootstrap, the browser gives error 404 not found for all.css file. I checked on the build result and all.css does not exists, just the all.scss file. Should web dev convert this sass file to regular css when it's releasing the application. I have components that use scss files and I have no issue with them (I know they are compiled to my main.js file) Any help I'd be thankful.

For now I logged into my local test and manually copied the resulting all.css with my chrome source into my build but I don't think I should do this every time I do a new build.

  • Did you add some config in your build.yaml file? Which version of sass_builder are you using? – ebelair Feb 11 at 15:55
  • No I did not add a config in my build yaml, I'm using sass+builder 2.0.0 – Yuval Lerner Feb 12 at 15:57
  • Do you have any error/warning message about sass compilation? Also try to update to sass_builder-2.1.2 to see if change something – ebelair Feb 13 at 8:03

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