I got an while importing resnet.

I tried removed latest version and install old version of keras==1.0.6 and it doesn't work. Also i did changes in resnet.py --> "from keras_applications.imagenet_utils import _obtain_input_shape , i got an error an like "ImportError: cannot import name 'GlobalMaxPooling2D' "

from keras.applications.imagenet_utils import _obtain_input_shape
import os
import numpy as np
from pickle import dump
import resnet
import numpy as np
from keras.preprocessing.image import load_img, img_to_array
from keras.models import Model
from os import listdir
import cv2
from keras import applications

I need import all these without an error. kindly help me to sort this. Thanks in advance



from keras.applications.imagenet_utils import _obtain_input_shape


from keras_applications.imagenet_utils import _obtain_input_shape
  • yes , when i changed it as from keras_applications.imagenet_utils import _obtain_input_shape i got an error like ImportError: cannot import name 'GlobalMaxPooling2D' its keras.layers – jeevitha Feb 12 at 7:48
  • Try to update your keras. – WEN WEN Feb 12 at 18:39

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