this.columnDefs = [
    headerName: '',
    field: 'id',
    maxWidth: 50,
    cellRenderer: 'selectRenderer'
    headerName: 'Project Code',
    field: 'projectCode',
    minWidth: 75,
    sortable: true
    headerName: 'Project/Sub-Project Name',
    field: 'projectName',
    minWidth: 300,
    sortable: true
    headerName: 'Start Date',
    field: 'startDate',
    minWidth: 100,
    sortable: true
  { headerName: 'End Date', field: 'endDate', minWidth: 95 },
    headerName: 'Current Budget',
    field: 'currentBudget',
    minWidth: 130,
    cellRenderer: function(param) {
      return `${param.data.currentBudget} USD`;
  { headerName: '', field: '', cellRenderer: 'editRenderer', maxWidth: 100 }

This is my column definition for the table. I have used sortable as true in neccassary columns. I need to change the default icon type of sort in the table.


You can use the icons property of the column definition to set a custom icon for sort on a column level or icons property of gridOptions to apply for all columns. If defined in both the grid options and column definitions, the column definition will get used.

  this.icons = {
    sortAscending: '<i class="fa fa-arrow-down "/>',
    sortDescending: '<i class="fa fa-arrow-up"/>',

Add [icons]="icons" in the template inside the ag-grid-angular tag like so


Also you must import fontawesome css file for this to work.

Check this link for documentation - https://www.ag-grid.com/javascript-grid-icons/

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