I face issue with jQuery Keypad / Primefaces keyboard - I try to re-map default spacebar button to input hex value '32' instead of '160'. Because when I type "space" from my phisical keyboard then it gives different value (32) then from virtual one (160)

Any solutions? Because I try to avoid writting my own component.

Big thanks in advance.


If someone struggle with same problem.

I have fix it by override _generateHTML function inside keyboard.js from Primefaces 6.1 . For next version it will be configurable, but for this I will change (line 717):

(keys[j] == this.SPACE_BAR ? ' ' :
(keys[j] == ' ' ? '&nbsp;' : keys[j]))))))) + '</button>'));


(keys[j] == this.SPACE_BAR ? ' ' : keys[j])))))) + '</button>'));

And for me works fine.

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