im trying to send the message content in a variable to an sh script, to trigger this i start the telegram message with the word "test"

i have this in my lua script that i run with telegram on my odroid

-- TEST:
action, variable=msg.text:match("+ %b %s")
if (action=='test' or action=='Test') then
os.execute(string.format("/home/scripts/test.sh \"%s\" &",variable))

if i send: "test i want this text in the variable" via telegram to the odroid, it does nothing. i have tried a lot of variations on ("+ %b %s") however it does not work any idea what im doing wrong?

ps. the trigger word "test" must not be saved to the variable

  • variable = msg.text:match"^[Tt]est%s*(.*)$"; if variable then os.execute(....) end – Egor Skriptunoff Feb 11 at 17:10
  • @EgorSkriptunoff that is great! thank you, is there anyway i can keep the spaces the output is now: iwantthistextinthevariable in stead of: i want this text in the variable cheers. – R.W Feb 14 at 17:42
  • To remove spaces: variable = variable:gsub("%s", "") – Egor Skriptunoff Feb 14 at 18:11
  • @EgorSkriptunoff no i want to keep the spaces :) – R.W Feb 15 at 9:16
  • Where do you see a text without spaces? If you're passing this string to a shell command, please wrap your string in single quotes. – Egor Skriptunoff Feb 15 at 9:23

The standard way to pass a string as command line parameter is the following:

variable = msg.text:match"^[Tt]est%s*(.*)$"
if variable then 
  os.execute("/home/scripts/test.sh '"..variable:gsub("'", "'\\''").."'&") 

How does test.sh processing the string? The problem of disappearing spaces might be there.

  • Thanks Egor, it now works!! thank you very much!!! – R.W Feb 20 at 13:11

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