I have been using the robot framework recently and with a requirement, I wanted use seleniumLibrary and the SikuliLibrary together. The problem was both selenium and sikuli libraries are using common keywords in some tasks like "Input Text"

To differentiate which library to use we need to add the library name in front of the keyword ( seleniumLibrary.Input Text, SikuliLibrary.Input Text )

If not we can define custom keywords for those common keywords and use them.

Without going for any of the options is there a way to edit the keyword name in the library itself? So It will be easy and less complex for any who need to edit the script.


Try this solution here, use the "as" when you import your functions to give them an other surname.

You can modify the function name in the library but I wont recomend that, it could cause regressions.


  • Awesome. Thank you for the info. If I can define a new library importing both selenium lib. and sikuli lib. keywords It should work it seems. Will try that out. – Muditha Perera Feb 11 at 14:50

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