I'm using AmCharts in my program with guides line. These guide lines i tested with some values see code below.:

 "guides": [{
        "value": 17.3,
        "toValue": 17.3,
        "lineColor": "#FF3C1E",
        "balloonText": "17.3",
        "fillAlpha": 1,
        "fillColor": "#FF3C1E",
        "position": "right",
        "label": "Max grens"
    }, {
        "value":  16.5,
        "toValue": 16.5,
        "lineColor": "#CCF500",
        "balloonText": "16.5",
        "fillAlpha": 1,
        "fillColor": "#CCF000",
        "position": "right",
        "label": "Target"
    }, {
        "value": 15.2,
        "toValue": 15.2,
        "lineColor": "#FF3C1E",
        "balloonText": "15.2",
        "fillAlpha": 1,
        "fillColor": "#FF3C1E",
         "position": "right",
        "label": "Min grens"

I tryed to pas my session value into that like this: "value": <?php $_SESSION["RMFRtarget"]; ?>,
But that dos'nt work.

Can anybody help me, i'm little bit stuck on it.

  • did you started the session on top of the file? does RMFRtarget session contain anything? is the value a float number (or maybe a string)? – Matei Mihai Feb 11 at 13:29

Forget about my comment. You just simply forgot to echo the value of your session variable:

"value": <?php echo $_SESSION["RMFRtarget"]; ?>
  • is it also possible to use this after the value? [code]if ($test = 1){ echo $_SESSION["RMVRMax"];} if ($test = 2){ echo $_SESSION["RMFRmax"];} if ($test = 3){ echo $_SESSION["RColorLMax"];} if ($test = 4){ echo $_SESSION["RColoraMax"];} if ($test = 5){ echo $_SESSION["RColorbMax"];}[/code] i tryed it but dos'nt work or do i something wrong? – Pascal Feb 13 at 17:45

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