I need to decode a JSON string in PHP but the thing is that the string has a JSON encoded string as one of the value. Something like that :

    "key1": "value1",
    "key2": "{\"key3\":\"{\\\"key4\\\":\\\"value4\\\"}\"}"

I'm trying to use json_decode to parse it into an array but it always fail with the error that the synthax is incorrect. If I put it in any validator you can find online, it says the string is valid. Should I use another method to parse the string?

PS: I am fine with the fact that once decoded, the value of key2 won't be an array but instead a string that I would have to decode again.


  • did you try this : $decoded = json_decode('your string'); – Mohammed Yassine CHABLI Feb 11 at 13:38
  • How did you get this JSON value “into” your script? If you wrote this as string in code, then you need to pay attention to the backslashes … Start by making a debug output of the variable you are passing to json_encode, and see if you still got as many backslashes as you thought you did … – 04FS Feb 11 at 13:38
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    this is a hornet's nest. Post the code where this (valid but unwieldy) json is produced, you might have more help available here. – YvesLeBorg Feb 11 at 13:40
  • I got this from a server to server call from an external endpoint I don't control unfortunately. The other end gives me a big json which at some point contains some sort of receipt that it is json encoded and put into a string. The rest of the JSON is a usual JSON structure but one of the value is the json encoded receipt put as a string value. I have to decode everything before processing it properly. – Shex Feb 11 at 13:42
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    What you have posted is not valid JSON. It would be valid JSON if all the PHP was removed and the content between ' and ' was left as it is. That way the \ characters would be treated as JSON escape characters and not PHP escape characters. Likely you introduced a new problem in constructing your reduced test case. – Quentin Feb 11 at 13:42

Based on provided input - you must replace all those nasty backslashes and double quotes in order to get proper JSON:

$s = '{
    "key1": "value1",
    "key2": "{\"key3\":\"{\\\"key4\\\":\\\"value4\\\"}\"}"

$s = str_replace('\\', '', $s);
$s = str_replace('"{', '{', $s);
$s = str_replace('}"', '}', $s);

print_r(json_decode($s, true));


[key1] => value1
[key2] => Array
        [key3] => Array
                [key4] => value4

Your json is bad, you have unnecessary " around {}


$a = '{
    "key1": "value1",
    "key2": {"key3":{"key4":"value4"}}


You can prepare your string with this line of code:

    $json_string.= '{"id":"'.$variable.'","name":"'.preg_replace("~[\"]~","\\\\\"",$variable_name).'","other_name":"'.preg_replace("~[\"]~","",$other_name_variable).'"},';

You have to convert string to JSON array then. Don't forget about right quotes and string format. More about JSON: https://www.json.org/ -here you can find explanations and examples More for preg_replace function: http://php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace.php


you can use json_decode() twice or more

$a = {
   "key1": "value1",
   "key2": "{\"key3\":\"{\\\"key4\\\":\\\"value4\\\"}\"}"
 $b = json_decode($a);
 $c = json_decode($b->key2);

It's give you a object with key3. and again you can use json_decode().

It's the correct string for your structure if It's diffrence from it , it may be wrong .


NOTE : I think I should write a edit on this . when you use \ in string it put \ in your string if you want copy exactly this you should replace them . if you use json_last_error() you give syntax error in this string .

NOTE : If you do like the above answer from @mitkosoft , you change your structure because of two problem . First , you change your object to to array . Second , if you decode in first level you should get your "key2" value a string not an array . It's a json string that you can do it decode again .

  • $a = { ... } is not even JSON to begin with. – 04FS Feb 11 at 13:45
  • That's where my problem is. I tried json_decode but it returns a json error saying that the synthax is invalid. I can't do json_decode($a) in your example – Shex Feb 11 at 13:45
  • {"key1":"value1","key2":"{\"key3\":\"{\\\"key4\\\":\\\"value4\\\"}\"}"} it's right json that created by json_encode in php . – sami.ghaffari Feb 11 at 13:49
  • that's going nowhere : $b is null and the next line will fail. – YvesLeBorg Feb 11 at 14:11
  • Yes you don't copy this exactly because in php when you use \\ it put \ in string and if use json_last_eroor() you get wrong syntax . so you should replace them if you want copy this – sami.ghaffari Feb 11 at 14:42

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