I am working on a social networking site and i need to structure my POSTS table, SHARED_POSTS table and PAGES table and i don't know the best way to go about this. i have my USERS table and each post being made by a user is stored in the POSTS table with the current user's id. I also want at the end of everything i should be able to join all the four tables and list all the posts made by my site users and shared posts and pages posts(i.e the pages that the current user liked) according to DATE in descending order just like facebook. Any help will be appreciated...

POSTS table

post_id, userId, post_content, post_status, post_photo, photo_descript, department, post_date


ShareId, SharedUserId, SharedPostId, OwnerPostId, SharedPostContent, SharedPostDescript, SharedPostStatus, SharedPostDate


p_id, pageId, page_content, page_status, post_photo, photo_descript, post_date


I want to have something about the query above

i want at the end of the day, i should be able to display the current user's posts, pages liked posts and posts shared

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    If you have to ask like this, this is clearly still several numbers to big for your current skillset. Why do you people not try to gradually built your skills any more these days, why does it always have to be a full “social network” right away … – 04FS Feb 11 at 13:50
  • Hey man i have gone far in this but just wanna understand the technicality behind that... Ima post the link of the app after i have launched it... it is an online social networking and multiplayer games app.... just needed to get something right.... ima continue with my research with your help or not.... – kelvin torver Feb 11 at 15:19

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