I am writing an HTTP server with a TIdHttpServer and I want to log all trafic (full HTTP requests) correctly. I found several similar topics for this, but in none of them I can find a guarantee whether the response was actually sent or not.
I know an exception will be triggered in Indy in function TIdCustomHTTPServer.DoExecute(AContext:TIdContext): boolean; if the response could not be sent, but that exception could also have happened AFTER the response was sent (and TIdHttpServer is waiting for a next command). Is there a way to know whether the command was actually sent or not?

In the example below I managed to log incoming messages correctly, but I have not found a correct way to detect if the response was sent or not.

procedure TfmMain.IdHTTPServer1CommandGet(AContext: TIdContext; ARequestInfo: TIdHTTPRequestInfo; AResponseInfo: TIdHTTPResponseInfo);
  //log the incoming request
  Log(getIdConnPeerAsStr(AContext) {IP:port} + (ARequestInfo.RawHTTPCommand + ARequestInfo.RawHeaders.Text));

  //Prepare the response
  AResponseInfo.ContentType := 'text/html';
  AResponseInfo.CharSet := 'utf-8';
  AResponseInfo.ContentText := '<html><body>Hello</body></html>';

  //How to log the output(AResponseInfo) here?  It is too soon because the sending of the packet has not yet occurred
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    Indy includes TIdIntercept* classes which can be used to log low-level data flow, just create one and assign it to the intercept property of the server, for example TIdInterceptSimLog (logs to a file) – mjn42 Feb 11 at 15:20
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    There are also several TIdLog... components which are also intercepts. But, in any case, note that intercepts are assigned per-connection, and while the server does have an Intercept property to help automate the creation of client connection intercepts, most of the intercept components (including TIdInterceptSimLog) do not actually implement server-side support, so they cannot be used with the server's Intercept property. They would have to instead be created and assigned manually to the AContext.Connection.Intercept property in the server's OnConnect event at runtime. – Remy Lebeau Feb 11 at 20:26

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