Possibly related to this question: How can I print odds ratios as part of the results of a GENMOD procedure?

I am dealing with a wide dataset containing; a main exposure variable, a categorical variable Type (four levels), as several continuous and binary variables as confounding factors.

Additional info: The dataset contains multiple imputations.

I am using the following code:

Proc genmod;

Class ID Type (ref=first)
Model class1= Type;
estimate 'black' TYPE 0 1 1/exp;
estimate 'white' TYPE 1 0 1/exp;
estimate 'red' TYPE 0 1 0/exp;
Repeated ID;

By imputation;

I expected the results table to contain, among others, the beta for the exponential of every level of the categorical variable Type ( bar that variable's reference group). The actual results table lacks beta values, nor does the table have confidence intervals printed.

What syntax should I use to tell SAS to produce those numbers in the results? I have looked through SAS documentation, but I have yet found an answer.

  • link says "You can specify the following options in the ESTIMATE statement after a slash (/)." and "E requests that the matrix coefficients be displayed." – G. Belton Feb 13 at 14:50
  • Also adding EXP will show the confidence limits. – G. Belton Feb 13 at 14:52

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