I have the number of tracks running in the brain between each pair of brain regions labelled Sij. I also have the distance of the tracks between each pair of regions labelled gij. i and j represent each brain region.

So for instance this if file:

Sij    gij
331     15.2
428     11.1
797     45
313     54
142     12

I'm trying to adjust the bias for values of gij that fall below 12 distance with a poisson regression model.

What I'm trying to do is solve to get alpha0 and alpha1 given this poisson model with log link function:


But the issue here is that I wasn't sure how to find this value: μ(Sij|gij), which is equivalently called the expected value E(x).

I was thinking of doing this is r code:

summary(m1 <- glm(Sij$file ~ gij$file, family=poisson(link=log), data=p))

but what I'm understanding is that from this I'll get the alpha0 and alpha1 but I'm not sure how to get the expected value

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    Sounds like you needs stats help rather than programming help. You should consult the statisticians over at Cross Validated instead. – MrFlick Feb 11 at 16:35

there is a command, for expected value, which is the weighted mean:

weighted.mean(Sij, gij)

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