In screen shot shown how to place the 3 dots icon in top right side right now its in center.

Using https://react-native-training.github.io/react-native-elements/docs/listitem.html

Sample Code

  rightElement={<Icon type="material" color="#C8C8C8" name="more-vert" />}

Basically I want the rightElement to be placed on top instead of center

Sampe Image

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I got the icon to move up, but I wasn't able to make it move even more to the right.

To actually get the <Icon> to align to the top corner add the containerStyle prop to it and use the alignSelf: 'flex-start' style, just like this:

rightElement={<Icon containerStyle={{ alignSelf: 'flex-start' }} type="material" color="#C8C8C8" name="more-vert" />

It should look like this image.

enter image description here

Hope this helps.


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