I am planning on starting a web application and I am trying to find the most adapted framework to do so...

Here are some infos about the project:

  • Most of the traffic will be created by a JavaScript API provided to external websites
  • It will also have a web portal
  • In the future a ReST webservice will also be provided with the API

Desired points:

  • MVC framework
  • Action based
  • Reasonably cheap hosting to start
  • Quite popular, easy to find answers
  • Very scalable
  • Easily maintainable

And here are a few frameworks I was thinking of, but feel free to propose something else:

  • Spring MVC
  • Django
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Zend, or some other PHP framework

I have the most experience with Spring and Zend, but I feel like Java based web-apps are pretty expensive to host and I don't really think I need this, and Zend/PHP is becoming less and less popular...



As an asp.net MVC developer I would love to be able to say ASP.net MVC, but given your requirements I would suggest using Python.

I have had a look into it and, coupled with Django, it is a wonderful framework.

Also, looking at your requirements, you are really spoiled with the google app engine which allows you to develop in Python. It even offers its own simple web framework, but you can use Django as well. The added bonus of app engine is the price; free until the point at which you are using so much processing power that something must be going right and it is a welcome problem.

Python really is a beautiful language, and it is extremely well documented, supported in the community, and has the added bonus of having a sense of humour, encouraging references to Monty Python.

As an example of the fantasic online docuementation check out Dive into python which is so good it seems too good to be true for free!

Ruby on rails is also a very attractive and welcoming language, but you won't regret choosing Python. ( Or maybe asp.net mvc :) )

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  • Thank you for your advice. Django is currently my #1 choice too (also because I'm really interested in learning Python), but I was a little worried about its scalability: I wasn't able to find any million-transaction/day website using it... I will check the Google App Engine out. – nbarraille Mar 29 '11 at 12:05

Django is clearly the winner. Its lot more lightweight then its Java competitors. Python is a very popular and powerful language and gaining grounds against Php everyday.

A hint: When Google web apps was announces it was supporting Python only. Its clearly the Google's choice.

Django is MVC based, its easy to learn and develop a site. With a LEMP(E Stands for Nginx web server) solution you can do wonders with a single 512 MB ram and of course you can expand as your site gets bigger. Django is quite popular and there are tons of open source projects that use it.

For me Django/Python is the MVC framework i will use at the moment.

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