I'm trying to append text files together with there file names, then split them apart.

I have been able to append files together using tail, but unsure whether this is the best method.

MacBook-Pro:test torn$ ls
file1   file2   file3   file4
MacBook-Pro:test torn$ cat *
this is file 1
this is file 2
this is file 3
this is file 4
MacBook-Pro:test torn$ tail -n +1 * > allFiles
MacBook-Pro:test torn$ cat allFiles 
==> file1 <==
this is file 1

==> file2 <==
this is file 2

==> file3 <==
this is file 3

==> file4 <==
this is file 4
MacBook-Pro:test torn$ 

How can I split allFiles back into the original files?


The most strightforward is probably grep, because it prepends the file name to every line.

bash$ grep ^ one two three /dev/null
one:first line
one:^ empty line
three:^ look, two only contained one empty line
three:this one contains three lines, too
three:quod erat demonstrandum.

Splitting them back out is a trivial task with Awk:

awk -F : '$1 != p { if(p) close(p) }
    { print substr($0,length($1)+1 >$1
        p=$1 }' combined.txt

Adding /dev/null to the grep arguments in order to ensure that it always gets more than a single file name argument is an old hack; you can certainly use grep -H on any remotely modern system for the same effect.

  • awk -F :? verses -f (which looks for progname?) – David C. Rankin Feb 11 at 19:06
  • Typo, thanks for noticing: – tripleee Feb 12 at 4:53

For spliting files you may use split or csplit utilities, for joining files join

How to use join ? Perhaps like below:

$ cat a.txt
$ cat b.txt
$ (echo -e "\n";cat a.txt)|awk 'BEGIN{s=0;}{print NR+s" "$0}'
3 ala
4 ola
5 ewa
$ (echo -e "\n";cat a.txt)|awk 'BEGIN{s=0;}{print NR+s" "$0}'>a1.txt
$ (cat b.txt;echo -e "\n\n")|awk 'BEGIN{s=0;}{print NR+s" "$0}'
1 ula
2 ewa
$ (cat b.txt;echo -e "\n\n")|awk 'BEGIN{s=0;}{print NR+s" "$0}'>b1.txt
$ join a1.txt b1.txt|awk '{$1="";print}'|sed 's/ //g'
  • Can you show how to use the commands? csplit is useful but I don't see how split or join help. – John Kugelman Feb 11 at 16:53
  • How can I use split or csplit to split "allFiles" at each of the file names "==> file1 <==" and name that file "file1"? – Torn Feb 11 at 16:56

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