I had tried the abc.ABCMeta with sip wrapper type, and it works well when subclass with abc.ABC.

class QABCMeta(wrappertype, ABCMeta):

class WidgetBase(QWidget, metaclass=QABCMeta):

class InterfaceWidget(WidgetBase, ABC):

class MainWidget(InterfaceWidget):

But it is not works on typing.Generic.

class QGenericMeta(wrappertype, GenericMeta):

class WidgetBase(QWidget, Generic[T], metaclass=QGenericMeta):

class GenericWidget(WidgetBase[float]):

It raised:

line 980, in __new__
    self if not origin else origin._gorg)
TypeError: can't apply this __setattr__ to sip.wrappertype object

I expected it to use generic subclass as usual:

class TableBase(QTableWidget, Generic[T]):
    def raw_item(self, row: int) -> T:
    def data(self) -> Iterator[T]:
        yield from (self.raw_item(row) for row in range(self.rowCount()))

class MainTable(TableBase[float]):
    def raw_item(self, row: int) -> float:
        return float(self.item(row, 1).text())  # implementation

table = MainTable()
for data in table.data():
    data: float

But the data is still Any when without inherit Generic[T].

Can it solved with PEP 560 to do type checking?

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