I'm using MotionLayout to animate the resizing of a view from full screen to a smaller dimension that has particular margins (as per following). It mostly works fine but the margins shown are 0 until the very end of animation after which they're applied immediately. Is there any way to animate those as well?

<ConstraintSet android:id="@+id/start">
        android:layout_height="match_parent" />

<ConstraintSet android:id="@+id/end">

I've tried using KeyFrameSet to create intermediate point with different margin values but that had no effect.

For example

                motion:customDimension="92dp" />


So, looks like issue is related to fact that I'm using SurfaceView...if I try with an ImageView for example the margin does change gradually.

  • I'm not sure why exactly, but it works for me using MotionLayout 2.0.0 Alpha 3. Try defining the margin in a Layout Tag (ConstraintSet > Constraint > Layout) through motion:layout_margin.... – jossiwolf Feb 12 at 13:50
  • @jossiwolf you're seeing the margin gradually change? I'm also using Alpha 3 here btw. I tried using motion: for those attributes but margin didn't change at all in that case (even at end of animation) – John O'Reilly Feb 12 at 14:08
  • 1
    @jossiwolf I might have misunderstood though what you suggested...could you include what you have in an answer and I'll try that? – John O'Reilly Feb 12 at 14:33
  • 1
    Added an update...looks like issue is related to fact that I'm using SurfaceView – John O'Reilly Feb 13 at 10:14
  • Well, that may be the reason - although I'm not exactly sure why :( – jossiwolf 2 days ago

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