i have a problem for a time now, i need to load an image on the background of a game and it loads constantly, here's the class where the code is used:

# Clase para la escena del juego.
class Game():
def __init__(self):

     # Cargamos el fondo.
    self.fondo = load_image('Fondo1.png', IMG_DIR)
    self.primera_vez = True

    # Cargamos las imágenes para los marcadores y para los enemigos.
    self.nitro_img_marcador = load_image('nitro_disparo.png', IMG_DIR, alpha=True)
    self.manzana_img = load_image('manzana.png', IMG_DIR, alpha=True)
    self.enemigo_img = load_image('enemigo.png', IMG_DIR, alpha=True)
    self.enemigo_medium_img = load_image('enemigo_mediano.png', IMG_DIR, alpha=True)
    self.enemigo_big_img = load_image('enemigo_grande.png', IMG_DIR, alpha=True)

    # Creamos el grupo de sprites general
    self.sprites = pygame.sprite.Group()
    self.cajas = pygame.sprite.Group()
    self.enemigos = pygame.sprite.Group()
    self.lifes = pygame.sprite.Group()

    # Creamos un contador para los enemigos aleatorios.
    self.contador = 0
    # Creamos una variable que contenerá los puntos que llevemos.
    self.puntos = 0

    # Creamos a crash y lo añadimos al grupo sprites.
    self.crash = Crash(self.sprites, self.cajas)

     'bin.ttf', FONTS_DIR, 680, 18, color=(255, 0, 0))

    # Definimos las opciones que mostrará el menú.
    self.menu_opciones = [
        ('Jugar', nuevo_juego),
        (u'Creditos', creditos),
        ('Ayuda', como_jugar),
        ('Salir', salir_juego)

def update(self):

    # Pasamos la variable global escena.
    global escena
  # Segundo nivel<<<<<<<<<<<----HERE ---------------------------------
    if  self.puntos > 0:
        self.fondo = load_image('Fondo2.png', IMG_DIR)
        self.primera_vez = True  

   # Comprobamos los eventos.
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
            print ('Cerrando Crash Rush')
        if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
            if event.key == K_ESCAPE:
                escena = Menu(self.menu_opciones)

    # Actualizamos el contador de enemigos aleatorios.
    if self.contador > 0:
        self.contador -= 1

    # Generamos los enemigos aleatorios.
    if self.contador == 0:
        self.enemigo = Enemigo(self.enemigo_img)
        self.contador = 100

    # Comprobamos las colisiones.
    for misil in self.cajas:
    for enemigo in self.enemigos:

    # Comprobamos los puntos.
    for enemigo in self.enemigos:
        comprobacion_puntos = enemigo.comprobar_puntos()
        if comprobacion_puntos[0]:
            self.puntos += comprobacion_puntos[1]

    # Comprobamos el número de vidas.
    for life in self.lifes:

    # Si hemos muerto ponemos la escena de Game Over.
    if self.crash.vidas < 0:
        print ('Entrando a escena de Game Over...')
        escena = Game_Over(self.puntos)

    # Comprobamos el numero de cajas/manzanas.

    # Actualizamos los sprites.

def imprimir(self, screen):
    if self.primera_vez:
        screen.blit(self.fondo, (0, 0))
        self.primera_vez = False

    # Actualizamos la pantalla.
    self.sprites.clear(screen, self.fondo)

    screen.blit(self.nitro_img_marcador, (10, 43))
    screen.blit(pygame.transform.scale(self.manzana_img, (8, 17)), (60, 43))
    screen.blit(self.score[0], self.score[1])


The line im having problem is the "Segundo nivel" one, the whole game works fine, but when points get to "X" amount and i want to change the background it loads constantly, i already made sure that it is the background image the one that is loading over and over. I couldn't quote the line cause it said "is not properly formatted as code", but i think you can find it easily. And i removed some lines that where useless here cause it was too big, thanks!

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    elf.fondo = load_image('Fondo2.png', IMG_DIR) should be in your __init__ function. – Torxed Feb 11 at 17:08
  • @Torxed thanks, i did so and removed it from the second function and it's no longer loading constantly, but i have a new weird bug now, when im in the menu and press start game, the background isn't shown completely, it is only shown where the sprites are and have been, as if it loads only on the place a sprite has been, but yes, when i reach X points it loads completely and perfectly, and also the first background isn't shown now, just the second directly under the sprites – MrBean Feb 11 at 17:23
  • @Torxed well, the weird bug was fixed, but im stuck with only 1 background, the second i put is the only one that will appear – MrBean Feb 11 at 17:54

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