Lets say I have a package, which consists of 20 different R-files.

How can I change a function or argument name in all those 20 files, without opening all of them and search/replace the name individually for every file?

Or how can I find out all locations of that function/argument name?

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    Command line tools are pretty good at stuff like this. sed or awk, for example, depending on your platform. As for RStudio, I think you're looking at the "Whole word" button, not a "whole world" button. But there is a "Find in Files" option in the Edit menu that will let you search multiple files. – Gregor Feb 11 at 17:08
  • See also "Rename in Scope" in the Code menu. Not sure if it works project-wide or just in the current file, but it's pretty handy and a quick test would answer that question. See quick demo in here. (Edit: comments in that link indicate Rename in Scope was only for one file as-of a year ago, but go on to recommend Find in Files) – Gregor Feb 11 at 17:12
  • Oh yeah, I was always misreading it as whole world. I'll remove that from the question. :) Yeah sed/awk would be an option, but have a tricky syntax. – SeGa Feb 11 at 17:12
  • "Find in Files" is a nice tool! I didn't know that and it already solves the first part of my problem! Thanks! – SeGa Feb 11 at 17:14
  • Will this be a one time thing or need to do so regularly? If the latter, that is not an effective way of programming. – Parfait Feb 11 at 18:07

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