The command executed directly works fine. But when it is mapped to some key, it reports syntax errors.

When I execute the below execute command it works as expected

:silent execute "normal! ^:s/ ".expand("<cWORD>")." //g\<cr>"

But when I map it to some key say

:nnoremap ,g :silent execute "normal! ^:s/ ".expand("<cWORD>")." //g\<cr>"

Then when I call the mapping it gives the following error:

E114: Missing quote: " //g\
E15: Invalid expression: "normal! ^:s/ ".expand("<cWORD>")." //g\

This is an escaping issue. The <cr> is interpreted literally (the preceding backslash doesn't help here), so Vim doesn't see the final " yet and complains about the missing quote. Escaping < as <lt> is the solution here.

Additionally, you want that <cr> interpreted by the :execute (it's inside the double quotes and preceded by the backslash), but who's concluding the entire :execute "...." now? Another <cr> is needed:

:nnoremap ,g :silent execute "normal! ^:s/ ".expand("<cWORD>")." //g\<lt>cr>"<cr>

However, I think the whole approach is too troublesome; going into Ex mode from :normal seldomly is a good idea.

So, you need the ^ to obtain the first WORD in the line; you can do that directly, as you start out with normal mode, anyway:

:nnoremap ,g ^:execute "s/ ".expand("<cWORD>")." //g"<cr>

With this, you just need a single round of interpolation via :execute. Looks much better, right?!

  • Yess. Looks a lot elegant. Thanks a lot. That was great help. – J.S Feb 11 at 18:04

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