I’m trying to setup simple localization on a flat file MVC (Slim & Twig) using Json for each virtual page data. I fetch (with PHP json-decode function set to true) an external json formated data file and I have problems finding the simplest way to access the json-decoded array so it is straightforward in the code to access the externalized text.

I used to have an xml flat file with different language version and I'm moving to JSON formatted data files. I found a way to access the array but I was looking for a simpler way of setting both JSON structure and accessing the data via the returned array provided by json_decode. Here is my Json file:

"title": [
  { "fr" : "VERSION FRANCAISE FR" },
  { "en" : "English IN ENGLISH"  },
  { "es": “Spanish Version” }
  { "fr"  :"FR DESCRIPTION" },
  { "en"  :"ENGlish DESCRIPTION"  },
  { "es"  :"ES DESCRIPTION" }
  { "fr"  :"mot clés, séparés par virgules, mots clés" },
  { "en"  :"keywords, ENGlish keywords"  },
  { "es"  :"en espagnol" }

Here is the code I use to access the data:

$file =“meta.json”;
$str = file_get_contents($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$file)
$meta = json_decode($str, true);

// access $meta array

// this works
echo $meta['title'][0]['fr'];
echo $meta['title'][1]['en'];
echo $meta['title'][2]['es'];

// this doesn’t
echo $meta['title']['fr'];
echo $meta['title']['en'];
echo $meta['title']['es'];

Maybe I can have the language at the top of the array and title, description as follows

    "fr": [
      { "title" : "VERSION French" },
      { "description" : "French"  },
      { "keywords": "french" }
      { "title" : "VERSION EN" },
      { "description" : "ENGlish IN ENGLISH"  },
      { "keywords": "English" }
      { "title" : "Spanish version" },
      { "description" : "Description ES"  },
      { "keywords": "keywords in ES" }

But the same problems arrises I would have to write echo $meta['fr'][0]['title']; to get to the title in french

So the question is there a way to turn things round so I can use a simple meaningful syntax like $meta['fr']['title']; and not having to relate to a numerical value index.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Your numeric arrays seem redundant. If your keys are unique then use them as keys like in your first example, except without wrapping the objects in [] -

  "fr": {
    "title" : "VERSION French",
    "description" : "French"
    "keywords": "french"

Then you can access them like you suggest, with: $meta['fr']['title']

  • Thank you for that, I thought the square brackets were mandatory! Works like a charm and simple enough for my case to keep on working! Cheers – Patrice de santa coloma Feb 12 at 17:40

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