I am trying to use excel to do the following: Thumbs up and down

  1. Detect which is the thumbs up in the image (using angle of hand)
  2. Have the the program you drew calculate the most optimal boundary around the thumbs up portion of the image so its cropping everything else out
  3. Crop the image so all that's left is the thumbs up with no white space

I am not sure if this is even possible but a group of us have been trying to use different software to try and do this, kind of as a friendly challenge to see whats possible. I don't have that much experience with VBA.

My thinking behind how to do this is as follows: I would convert both images to graphical points based on their outline. I would calculate the angle/ slope of the thumb to figure out which image was the correct thumbs up image. I would overlay the graphical representation on top of the actual image and and crop out the graph fill to only show the image (like a mask).

Is there a better approach? How would i go about coding something like this using macros?

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