I just started taking classes of python and I am trying to make a code in where the value of the first month = 1 and multiply its value by 2 next month, and then by 3 next month, and 2 next month and so on. Until it reaches 6 months. I am using this code but it only gives me Month 1 = 1 which is the initial value.

P = 1
count = 12

print ("month 1: ",P)

for month in range(count-1):

    if month %2 == 0:
        P = P*2 
        P = P*3

print:("month", month+2 ,":",P)

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print:("month", month+2 ,":",P)


print("month", month+2 ,":",P)

I'm not sure why python didn't complain about the colon. You can actually put anything there

weird: ("month", month+2 ,":",P)

And it won't complain. Awesome mistake, thanks!

  • It actually worked without the colon! but in the results it just shows month 1=1, month 12=15552. Is there a way that I can make it to show month 2,3,4,5, etc? – Danny Cheng Feb 11 at 18:35

Remember that range(count-1) will return numbers between 0 and 11 (the last number is non-inclusive)

Your logic could be like this:

(a) A counter that starts at 1 (cnt)
(b) A loop that watches for the counter to reach 6, then exits
(c) A running total (month_val or some such)

cnt = 1
month_val = 1
while cnt < 7:
   month_val = month_val * cnt
   cnt += 1

The above assumes that you retain the new value of month_num -- but re-reading your question, you might just want to print the values 1 to 6, in which case the month_num value should just remain 1 all the time:

cnt = 1
month_val = 1
while cnt < 7:
   print(month_val * cnt)
   cnt += 1

You can define a dictionary for your problem like

for i in range(1,7):
    if i == 1:
    elif i%2 == 0:
    elif i%2 == 1:


prints {'Month1': 1, 'Month2': 4, 'Month3': 9, 'Month4': 8, 'Month5': 15, 'Month6': 12}

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