I have an SQL table like this:


grocery_item  |  quantity  |  price  |  total

soap          |     2      |    10   |  20
coffee        |     5      |     4   |  20

I have an SQL query like:

SELECT SUM(total) FROM grocery; 

It gives me 40, which is what I needed. However, if I have a lot of grocery items, I think the querying of the sum will be slower.

My question is, is there a way to improve this for example saving the sum and then if I add some grocery items, it will just add the new item's price to the previous total?

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    Performance questions should include EXPLAIN ANALYZE and some information about table size, index, current time performance, desire time, etc. Slow is a relative term and we need a real value to compare. But I dont think you need add anything to improve performance of calculate the Total. – Juan Carlos Oropeza Feb 11 at 19:02

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