As shown in image i want to fill the div with images but there is a big gap, how can I fix this problem? The system gets the data via mysql and prints as <a> tag

<div style="position: absolute;z-index:1;opacity: 0.75;padding:0;margin:0;max-width: 600px">
 <a class="start-video" data-reklam-id="67" style="float:left;display: block;">
  <img style="width:50px;height:30px;display: inherit;" src="./panel/dosyalar/5c5ed01f86ac1.png">
  • Please provide all the necessary information in your question. Image links might no longer work in the future. Also, format your code. It's not legible to place everything on one line. – Helenesh Feb 11 at 19:00
  • I edited the question. – Mert Ayhan Feb 12 at 17:27

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