I'm designing a suite of apps that are integrated together to appear as one app, and I want to use OAuth for authentication through Google. Google has a way to do cross-client identity for this very situation. I just need to group the client apps under one Google project.

So far so good.

In this suite of apps there is a single backend that serves up data to all the client apps. I decided that a great way for the clients to communicate with the backend is using gRPC. Now gRPC has built in the ability to handle Google's OAuth tokens - wonderful. It looks like all the client need to do is call grpc::GoogleDefaultCredentials() to get credentials with which it can open a secure channel to the server and the token passing stuff will happen automatically.

However the intention here is that you're opening a channel to Google's server, but I want to open a channel to my own backend. The docs link do say

This channel credentials object works for applications using Service Accounts as well as for applications running in Google Compute Engine

but I don't know if that's referring to the client or server (probably the client)

So I've ended up confused about how I would use gRPC in a cross-client setup with Google OAuth so that when my client makes a call to my server the server knows which user the call is coming from.

My question is what is the simplest way to enable user and app authentication when my frontend app makes a request to my backend app through gRPC if I want to be using OAuth with Google for SSO?

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