I'm trying to add some features to naxsi, including add a tensorflow support on that.

I loaded the tensorflow model at ngx_http_dummy_init(), and try to run it.
Everything goes well.But, when i tried to run the session in ngx_http_dummy_data_parse(), the programe will be stucked in run_session().


void InitTFModel(void) {
    tf_model = load_model("/root/model.pb");
    fill_tensor(tf_model, "data", 4);


void ngx_http_dummy_uri_tf_parse(ngx_http_request_ctx_t *ctx, ngx_http_request_t *r)
    int res;

    if (!tf_model ||
        !fill_tensor(tf_model, (const char *)r->unparsed_uri.data + 1, (int)r->unparsed_uri.len - 1)) {
    res = run_model(tf_model);
    if (res) {
        ctx->block = 1;
        ctx->drop = 1;

It seems that ngx_http_dummy_init() worked in the init process, and ngx_http_dummy_data_parse() worked in the nginx worker process.
And I think that's the reason for this phenomenon.

So how to run tensorflow on nginx worker process.

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