I have noticed an odd behavior when trying to use the @DataJpaTest annotation in a Spring Boot test that also uses Flyway.

Given the following entity class:

public class MyEntity {

  private String columnA;
  private String columnB;

  public String getColumnA() {
      return columnA;

  public void setColumnA(String columnA) {
      this.columnA = columnA;

  public String getColumnB() {
      return columnB;

  public void setColumnB(String columnB) {
      this.columnB = columnB;

The following Spring repository:

public interface MyEntityRepository extends JpaRepository<MyEntity, String> {

The following test:

public class JpaTestApplicationTests {

  MyEntityRepository myEntityRepository;

  public void canSaveAndFetch() {
      MyEntity myEntity = new MyEntity();

      Optional<MyEntity> myEntityOptional = myEntityRepository.findById("a");

The test works fine by itself because auto-ddl is on and H2 is creating the tables.

However, if I wish to define my own schema then I add Flyway to the POM and create a migration, e.g. in resources/db/migration/V1__Schema.sql:

CREATE TABLE my_entity (
  column_b VARCHAR

Now the same test will fail because JPA is not using the default SpringPhysicalNamingStrategy anymore.

Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Column "MYENTITY0_.COLUMNA" not found

This would seem to be a simple fix by setting

spring.jpa.hibernate.naming.physical-strategy = org.springframework.boot.orm.jpa.hibernate.SpringPhysicalNamingStrategy

However, whether I put it in application.properties, or in a @TestPropertySource, or create a PhysicalNamingStrategy bean... nothing affects the behavior. How can I tell JPA in this test context that I want to use the SpringPhysicalNamingStrategy which maps "columnA" to "column_a"?

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