I want to add an integer value at a specific position in an ArrayList but after doing so it pushes at last element to its next index, as i am doing sorting i do not want it to happen. Help me with a snippet of code to write bubble sort using ArrayList.

My code

void bubble_sorting(ArrayList<Integer> arr){
    int swap;
    for(int i=0;i<5-1;i++){
        for(int j=0;j<5-i-1;j++){
                swap = arr.get(j);

and after passing ArrayList [23,54,67,4,5]

I get this as output: [4, 23, 23, 4, 54, 54, 4, 67, 67, 4, 5]


If you take a look at the Javadocs for the ArrayList class, there are some methods that will be helpful for you. I'd take a look at the set method!

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