I am using spring Data and JPA/Hibernate for my repositories. When I extend JpaRepository, I get many methods as usual as it implements PagingAndSortingRepository and CrudRepository.

Am using the repositories inside my service classes. My question now is, is there a way I can get all the methods in the repositories inside my service interfaces so that the service implmenting classes can delegate the calls to the repositories using the same method names as the repositories.

I would like to use the same method names as the repository methods and also don't want to call my repositories directly from the controllers.

Do I have to copy all the method signatures from the JpaRepository, PagingAndSortingRepository and CrudRepository into my service interfaces?


If i have understood the question right.Firstly create repository as an interface that extends JpaRepository or others and do not forget annotate your interface with @Repository. Then create your service and inject your repository to it, so you can create your own methods(any name can be used) in a service. Then you can inject service to your controller. This technic mostly used.

  • Why not just declare your own methods inside the repository interface? That is what Spring Data JPA recommends. It will save a lot of time. – attacomsian Feb 12 at 6:22
  • I know we can put our own methods in a repository, i just gave the simplest usage for spring data – Turab Feb 12 at 7:10

I think you misunderstood what a Service really represents.
A Service is the point where to handle business logic. Its methods should represent business operations, not simply data-retrieval/persistence ones.

Simply having all the JpaRepository methods and delegating to a Repository is a recipe for massive code duplication, which you should avoid.

Build your Service along your business requirements.
If you feel there is no need to have a Service middleware, maybe because you only get/set data, simply Autowire the Repository inside your Controller.

It's not always true that using a Repository inside a Controller is wrong. It depends.


You do not need to copy the methods of Repository to any service. Spring Data JPA offers many powerful features to write custom queries.

Suppose you have UserRepository for a domain called User and want to find a user by his/her email address. Instead of creating findByEmail method in a separate service that extends UserRepository, just declare it inside the UserRepository interface:

User findByEmail(String email);

Spring Data JPA will then do all the dirty work for you. You can call this method by injecting UserRepository inside the Controller (or other classes).

Above is only a simple example. You can even declare a query with multiple conditions:

User findByEmailOrUsername(String email, String username);

User findByEmailAndActiveTrue(String email);

List<User> findTop10ByEmail();

I would suggest you to explore the official documentation of Spring Data JPA. There are so many things you can do by writing few lines of code.

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