I had numerous deployment issues with getting the kubernetes cluster-autoscaler working on AWS EKS. At length, I got it working. Here's how:

Other Notes:

  • don't use the helm chart.

  • Refer to their version chart here

  • Based on your version of kubernetes, you'll need to go to that branch of their code. WARN: their "version" does NOT necessarily line up with the container version being deployed.

    • In my case, I was deploying the latest on EKS, which is presently K8s 1.11.X, thus I need their 1.3.X branch
  • Now RTFM, but here are the other gotchas.

  • The examples in their AWS directory don't assume you're using EKS, which deploys on AMZN2 linux by default. You'll have to update the manifest as described here to use the appropriate SSL directories

  • The example in their AWS directory assumes the us-east-1 region for you. You're probably not using it, and it's not a variable. Update that manifest, round 2.

Errors I ran into:

Error: 1 static_autoscaler.go:118] Failed to update node registry: RequestError: send request failed caused by: Post https://autoscaling.us-west-2a.amazonaws.com/: dial tcp: lookup autoscaling.us-west-2a.amazonaws.com on RE.DA.CT.ED:53: no such host

Solution: wrong region in default manifest

Error: container_linux.go:262: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:339: container init caused \"rootfs_linux.go:57: mounting \\\"/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt\\\" to rootfs \\\"/var/lib/docker/overlay2/60c34f52ad1e6f0e3368d95794c71036fc465707f8ef3247032b6291e71d9331/merged\\\" at \\\"/var/lib/docker/overlay2/60c34f52ad1e6f0e3368d95794c71036fc465707f8ef3247032b6291e71d9331/merged/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt\\\" caused \\\"not a directory\\\"\""

Solution: %s/ca\-certificates\.crt/ca\-bundle\.crt/g

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