I have a hash which contains a list of array and i have to get a unique list from that array . But when i am trying to id i am not getting any error or the unique list.

NOTE : I don't want to use any module.

Below is the sample structure of my hash which has the array :

'15445' => { 'str' => {
                        'TOKEN' => [

How i am tying to get a unique list of values from the array TOKEN

foreach my $id (keys %$client) {
    my @unique_srp_id;
    @unique_srp_id = uniq($hash->{$id}->{str}->{TOKEN});
    print @unique_srp_id;

sub uniq {
    my %seen;
    grep !$seen{$_}++, @_;

Can anyone suggest me what wrong i am doing here.

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    Consider passing references (for arrays/hashes) instead of flat lists – zdim Feb 11 at 21:39
  • @zdim, hmm... Taking an arbitrary number of scalars is far more useful for uniq. – ikegami Feb 12 at 1:46
  • @ikegami As a ("far") more common use case (a handful of scalars to clean up)? Right, good point. I just get all itchy when I see multi-valued variables passed around subs freely, for fear of stack abuse or unintended flattening (and out of habits from elsewhere I guess). – zdim Feb 13 at 20:18

You are passing an array reference containing the values to the function, but the function is expecting the values directly in @_.

my @unique = uniq(@{$hash->{$id}{str}{TOKEN}});

On Perl 5.24+, you can use postderef to make this look a bit nicer (maybe?)

my @unique = uniq($hash->{$id}{str}{TOKEN}->@*)

On Perl 5.26+, the core version of List::Util is new enough (1.45) to contain the uniq function and it will be faster than your pure-perl version and also handle undef values distinctly.


uniq expects a list but $hash->{$id}->{str}->{TOKEN} is an array reference (a single element). Either pass an array to uniq


or write uniq to expect an array reference

sub uniq {
    my %seen;
    grep !$seen{$_}++, @{$_[0]};

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