~2:: Send {2 down} Sleep, 1000 Send {2 up} return

This does not do what I need it to. I could get around this by changing this to

2:: Send {3 down} Sleep, 1000 Send {3 up} return

but I want to use the passthrough functionality. Is there any way to accomplish my goal similarly to the first example?


As for your first bit of code, since you're typing 2 and your hotkey is sending 2, you'll need to put a $ in front of your hotkey so it doesn't fire itself.

Send , {2 down}
Sleep , 1000
Send , {2 up}

The ~ is used if you don't want to block the native function of the key, which doesn't apply in this case because you're sending it in your hotkey.

  • Thanks, this worked perfectly. – danielf Feb 12 at 20:24

Guess the Syntax used here has a Problem and mentioning all the Actions in a Single line wouldn't work out well.

I've Worked and Tried modifying the Code and Works for me well.

    Send {DOWN 2}
    Sleep, 1000
    Send {UP 3}

Let me know if you have any query in this regards.

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