I am running Ansible Tower v3.4.1 with Ansible v2.7.6 on an ubuntu 16.04 VM running on VirtualBox. I run a playbook that works when I run it from the command line using "ansible-playbook" but fails when I try to run it from Ansible Tower. I know I must have something misconfigured in ansible tower but I can't find it.

I get this warning no matter what changes I make to the inventory (hosts) file.

$ ansible-playbook 2.7.6

config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg    
configured module search path = [u'/var/lib/awx/.ansible/plugins/modules', u'/usr/share/ansible/plugins/modules']

ansible python module location = /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ansible    

executable location = /usr/bin/ansible-playbook
python version = 2.7.12 (default, Nov 12 2018, 14:36:49) [GCC 5.4.0 20160609]

Using /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg as config file

SSH password:     
**/tmp/awx_74_z6yJB4/tmpVlXGCX did not meet host_list requirements**, check plugin documentation if this is unexpected

Parsed /tmp/awx_74_z6yJB4/tmpVlXGCX inventory source with script plugin

PLAYBOOK: addpool.yaml *********************************************************

1 plays in addpool.yaml

 [WARNING]: **Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: bigip**

PLAY [Sample pool playbook] ****************************************************

skipping: no hosts matched

I have enabled inventory plugins for YAML, and made my hosts file into a hosts.yml file.

Here's my hosts file:

dad2 ansible_ssh_host=

bigip1 ansible_host=
bigip2 ansible_host=

Here's my playbook:


- name: Sample pool playbook
  hosts: bigip 
  connection: local

    - name: create web servers pool
        name: web-servers2
        lb_method: ratio-member
        password: admin
        user: admin
        server: '{{inventory_hostname}}'
        validate_certs: no

I replaced "hosts: bigip" with "hosts: all" and specified the inventory in Tower as "bigip" which contains only the 2 hosts I want to change. This seems to provide the output I am looking for.

For the "ansible-playbook" command line, I added "--limit bigip" and this seems to provide the output I am looking for.

So things appear to be working, I just don't know whether this is "best practice" use.

Thanks, Steve


I think you need to remove the connection: local.

You have specified in hosts: bigip that you want these tasks to only run on hosts in the bigip group. You then specify connection: local which causes the task to run on the controller node (i.e. localhost), rather than the nodes in the bigip group. Localhost is not a member of the bigip group, and so none of the tasks in the play will trigger.

  • Thanks for responding, but that's a little confusing, because that playbook runs properly from the command line using "ansible-playbook". It only fails running from Tower. What would you use for "connection" in Tower? – Steve J Feb 12 at 14:41
  • By the way, I get the same error result when I remove "connection: local" – Steve J Feb 12 at 14:43

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