I have the following lines that work fine:

dbOut.loc[dbOut["id"] == id, "date"] = datevalue
dbOut.loc[dbOut["id"] == id,"number"] = numbervalue

The problem is, each line take too much time to run. I have like 10 lines of that type, so my iteration time is like 15 iterations/second. leaving just one takes it to 150 iterations/second. The question is: Is there a way to make only one .loc and set each value to each row?

I tried something like:

dbOut.loc[dbOut["id"] == id, ["date","number"]] = datevalue, numbervalue

but it doesn't work.

I think that maybe there is a way of making the loc first and then apply each value to each column, but I don't know how.

Thanks in advance!

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you can use numpy

dbout['date'] = np.where(dbout['id'] == id, datevalue,None)


dbout['number'] = np.where(dbout['id'] == id, numbervalue,None)

Note : considering id is predefined, replace the None value with some other if required.


This should work.

dbOut.loc[dbOut["id"] == id, ["date", "number"]] = [datevalue, numbervalue]

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