There is a problem I am facing...when performing POST from my controller, I want to pass JSON and not sure how to convert it to array Tried to use

json_decode($array, true);
JSON example: 
 { "example": 1,
    "user": 0
 { "example": 2,
    "user": 1

Postman I use to initiate POST from gives me back: "status": "Malformed UTF-8 characters". What I am doing wrong here?

  • your encoded is possibly incorrect and make sure when you are trying to post a json type, the content-type header should be application/json – Kelvin Feb 12 at 3:18

It sounds like the character set you're sending might not be in the right encoding for the API to recieve. Try converting the character encoding with mb_convert_encoding($data, 'UTF-8', 'UTF-8') before parsing it.


The problem might be with incorrectly encoding utf characters.

Try returning the response as below.

return utf8_encode($data);

Or try character encoding as follows.

mb_convert_encoding($data, 'UTF-8', 'UTF-8');

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