I have a SQL query which selects top 5000 data with some where conditions. Now my question is how can i write this same query from entity-framework? Is it possible? I wanted know the most effeciant way to achive this query from entity-framework.


select TOP 5000 * from MyData where Type=1 and UPC not in (
select UPC from MyData where Type=2 AND UPC IS NOT NULL)

C# Entity:

using (var ctx = new db_ProductionEntities())
    //var items = ctx.MyData.Take(10).ToList(); need to know how to write query here
var answer = (from d1 in ctx.MyData 
              where d1.Type == 1 and 
                    !(from d2 in ctx.MyData 
                      where d2.Type == 2 and d2.UPC != null
                      select d2.UPC 
              order by d1.Id //or some other field, it's needed for "Take"
              select d1).Take(5000).ToList();

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