I'm trying to create a sample that creates a new file in DICOM format without using any 3rd party library. File is supposed to have following details: 1). Patient details(name, DOB, etc) 2). Image pixel data.

I have read a few articles on DICOM format but I still don't understand a lot of things(basically, from where to start and what standards to maintain while creating DICOM file).

Could any one give me an example or point me to a tutorial that shows how to create simple DICOM file using Java?


Refrain from building DICOM from scratch. Use a toolkit instead.

DICOM message encoding was written in the 90s, a time when saving a single bit from one byte was worth thinking. It is awkward, hard to understand and easy to make mistakes. Even with a toolkit that takes over the low level encoding, I have seen many smart people fail in writing correct DICOM files. There are great open source toolkits around, e.g. dcm4chee just to mention one prominent example for JAVA.

Your question is contradictory by itself. There is no (valid) DICOM file which just comes with patient demographic data and pixel data. There is much more to consider in that. The DICOM Model of the Real World is a good starting point to familiarzie with the concepts.

So...sorry to say that but there is no way around learning DICOM basics, choosing a toolkit and start with the implementation afterwards.

Sounds dissuasive - doesn't it?

So maybe you want to ask yourself why you want to store your image in DICOM format. Is it really for sharing the image with electronic medical records or archiving in PACS? If so, then in both cases you will not only have to learn about DICOM file encoding but also about DICOM network communication (which is no easier ;-) ). If you just want to have patient data included in the image, you might want to look at simpler formats like JPEG (with EXIF header) or TIFF which to not require such a long and steep learning curve.

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