I try develop a program use Google API Nearby use xamarin

in android studio, the lastest version of nearby service is 16.0.0 that updated on october 2018

but the lastest nuget nearby version i found in xamarin is 60.1142.1 that updated on march 2018 which equal to 11.4.2 in the android studio

How to get the lastest NuGet Nearby version like in the android studio? Because the i have a trouble to use 11.4.2 because it need GoogleApiClient as parameter

    public NearbyService()
        Context = Application.Context;
        ConnectionsClient = NearbyClass.Connections;

    public void SetGoogleApiClient()
        GoogleApiClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(Context)
        if (!GoogleApiClient.IsConnected)

    public void OnConnected(Bundle connectionHint)
        NearbyConnections = new NearbyConnections();
        ConnectionLifeCycleCallbackService = new ConnectionLifeCycleCallbackService(this, new PayloadCallbackService(this));
        EndPointDiscoveryCallbackService = new EndPointDiscoveryCallbackService(this, ConnectionLifeCycleCallbackService);

    public void OnConnectionFailed(ConnectionResult result)
        if (!GoogleApiClient.IsConnected)

Then in my MainActivity I will call

    protected override void OnRestart()
        if (NearbyService.GoogleApiClient != null && !NearbyService.GoogleApiClient.IsConnected)
  • Check the Include pre-release checkbox and then download that if you want – G.hakim Feb 12 at 2:46
  • will there be a problem if we use pre-release? sorry im new in xamarin – agus susanto Feb 12 at 2:52
  • Yes there could be problems that is why it only available like that, i would suggest you rather use stable and tell me whatever issue you are facing and i might know how to help – G.hakim Feb 12 at 2:57
  • my problem is when the GoogleApiClient got disconnected, I always try to reconnect use GoogleApiClient.Connect() and it always success and will trigger OnConnected. But when I check the status use IsConnected, its always return false and my code that use GoogleApiClient as parameter always get stuck without error – agus susanto Feb 12 at 3:09
  • Share your code here please, let me have a look – G.hakim Feb 12 at 3:12

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