I'm trying to make notification ringing when app is not running in IOS.

Here is my code.

  this.notificationListener = firebase.notifications().onNotification((notification: Notification) => {



When app is in background or foreground ( Maybe I can say 'app is running'), notification rings well.

Should I need to use other listener? Or should I need to add my own sound file for ringing?


Finally, I know how to do this. This issue was not related to react-native-firebase, it was related to my server.

When server post message to app, server can set several options like sound, badge.


If you set sound section to 'default', you can get default notification sound when notification is coming even if your app is on background.

I hope my answer can help react-native-firebase beginners like me.

  • Hello @newbeeep, how can i handle it on Android? And if i want to add my own sound how can i do? – Oliver D Jan 5 '20 at 19:46

Anyone Has issue with RNFIREBASE & REACT NATIVE, Try to send your notification via Firebase ADMIN SDK. That will work for Sure

  //Notification Payload
  const payload = {
       notification: {
            title: update.title,
            body: update.body,
            icon: "default",
            badge: '1',
            sound: 'default' // notification sound 
  //sending notification via Firebase Admin SDK
  admin.messaging().sendToDevice('TOKEN_OR_TOKENS', payload)
    .then( () => { return true; }).catch(function() {
        console.log('error sendToDevice() ')
        return null;

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