I'm running a lot of tests on the two programs (Window7 C# Debug & Release Program).

tag : Window7, C#, Bitmap, Lockbits, byte

The contents are as follows.

Bitmap spec(Image Size : 3072X3072) enter image description here

Bitmap originImage;
int cnt = 0;
BitmapData bmOrigin = originImage.LockBits(
                      new Rectangle(0, 0, originImage.Width, 
byte* ptrOrigin = (byte*)bmOrigin.Scan0.ToPointer();
if (ptrDefect[y * bmDefect.Stride + x] == 255)

Using the two programs, the contents are repeated 1000 times, and about 30 different results are obtained.

I have a suspicious place. (Bitmap, Byte, 255Value, Scan, Lockbits)

Is there any place else I suspect other than what I said?

Thank you for reading this article. Please give us various opinions.

  • Can you clarify what's "different"? – John Feb 12 at 2:50
  • The result of the "cnt" variable is different. – user3669690 Feb 12 at 2:51

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