I'm trying to add a gradient to my area chart using react-native-svg-charts from this example: https://github.com/JesperLekland/react-native-svg-charts-examples/blob/master/storybook/stories/area-chart/with-gradient.js.

The code compiles but I get the following error at runtime:

https://imgur.com/nasKm9x (sorry I don't have enough) reputation to post an image yet)

I'm using Expo on my Android phone. I'm fairly new to programming, so I'm not sure what to even try.

import * as shape from 'd3-shape'
import { View } from 'native-base';
import * as React from 'react';
import { AreaChart, Defs, LinearGradient, Path, Stop } from 'react-native-svg-charts'
// import styles from './styles';

class DashboardChart extends React.Component {
  render() {
    const data = [ 50, 10, 40, 95, 14, 24, 85, 91, 35, 53, 53, 24, 50, 20, 80 ]

        const ChartLine = ({line}) => (
                stroke={'rgb(134, 65, 244)'}

        const Gradient = ({ index }) => (
          <Defs key={index}>
              <LinearGradient id={'gradient'} x1={'0%'} y={'0%'} x2={'0%'} y2={'100%'}>
                  <Stop offset={'0%'} stopColor="blue" stopOpacity={1}/>
                  <Stop offset={'100%'} stopColor="white" stopOpacity={1}/>

    return (
                style={{ height: 200 }}
                contentInset={{ top: 40, bottom: 10 }}
                  fill: 'url(#gradient)'
                {/* <Grid/> */}


export default DashboardChart;

In the example that you linked to the Defs, LinearGradient, and Stop components were imported from react-native-svg. So those components may be undefined in the react-native-svg-charts library, which would explain the error you are seeing.

Try fixing your imports to this (installing react-native-svg if you haven't already):

import { AreaChart } from 'react-native-svg-charts'
import { Defs, LinearGradient, Path, Stop } from 'react-native-svg'

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