I have some information in my SQL Server and I have a mongodb so I want to update my mongodb table daily from my SQL Server table.

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  • Hi you can use Mongify to convert the mysql Data base to mondodb insert script. Mongify helps you move your data without worrying about the IDs or foreign IDs. It allows you to embed data into documents, including polymorphic associations. All this and more with just a few simple steps link for mongify : mongify.com – Easycoder Feb 12 at 5:57

We can’t automate it directly, we have to create/write the cron job or using the trigger write the script ,this script will fetch data from sql server the write the data into mongodb

  • Hi dude,i make a console app that run with windiws task manager every night and import data from sql to mongodb with api – Ali Khalaj 16 hours ago

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