I am using @polymer/lit-element for my application.Recently I did npm install which led to following error

"npm WARN deprecated @polymer/lit-element@0.5.2: @polymer/lit-element has moved to lit-element. Please uninstall this package and install lit-element. See https://www.polymer-project.org/blog/2019-01-11-lit-element-rc".

When I checked my node_modules, the lit-element folder had been deleted from @polymer folder.Is there any way that I can get back my @polymer/lit-element? ( Apart from the point that I have to migrate whole my application to lit-element which sounds tedious )

  • use npm install --save lit-element at the root of your project. You will have the two directory under node_module like lit-html and lit-element then just change the path something like import { LitElement, html } from '..\node_modules\lit-element\lit-element.js' – HakanC Feb 12 at 7:58

npm WARN deprecated @polymer/lit-element@0.5.2 is a warning not an error. v0.5.2 is still available for use. You can npm install to install the dependencies listed in your package.json or if @polymer/lit-element is not listed in in package.json you can add it with npm install --save @polymer/lit-element@0.5.1.

That being said @polymer/lit-element is deprecated and being replaced with lit-element. You should replace @polymer/lit-element with lit-element within package.json and your codebase.

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