I am using Django with React, each time I have to use React to get the data from the database I have to do something like this:

var URL = ''
var API_URL = URL + '?term=' + this.props.token
await axios.get(API_URL)
   .then(res => {
       temp = res.data

How can I avoid hardcoding "" like this and set up it in the setting.py? Can someone show me how to do it? Thanks a lot!


If I understand you correctly this only needs to be changed in the React app and not in the settings.py of Django.

Take the URL of wherever you deploy your Django application (in development this could be locally at but in Production this will most likely be something like api.example.com) and this will become an Environment Variable injected at build time of your React app.

Generally you will have a .env configuration file per environment (DEV/TEST/PROD etc.) which will contain all variables that can then be used in your code.

Check out Using environment variables in React for a detailed post on why you would use environment variables and how to use them in your Javascript applications.

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