I want to click the submit button with onclick but my code is not working. I tried to fire the javascript but the webpage returns true or false only

below code is the html code:

below code is my current code:

webbrowser1.navigate(New Uri("javascript:(function(){ return newPRFormValidation(); })();"))

dim mmm as HtmlElementCollection = WebBrowser1.Document.All

for each webpageelement as HtmlElement in mmm

if webpageelement.GetAttribute("name") = "Submit" then


end if


I want the button to be click

  • <DIV align=center> <INPUT type=hidden value=PRPT_SCREEN_ONE_ENTRY name=matrixAction> <INPUT onclick="return newPRFormValidation();" class=SubmitForm type=submit value=Submit name=Submit> </DIV> that is the html code – Renan Feb 12 at 8:20

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