I'm currently trying to do something simple, turn my list of nodes into an array of pointers to the nodes, so that I could use it for another functionality.

typedef struct {
  int data;
} myNode;

In the function where I'm trying to make my array of node pointers, I write something like (assume I have a list called myList of all the nodes):

myNode** aryPtr = malloc(sizeof(myNode*)) * numItemsInList);

and for each spot, I allocate memory for the pointer doing:

int inc = 0;
int z = 0;
aryPtr[inc] = malloc(sizeof(myNode));
aryPtr[inc] = &(myList[z]);
inc += 1;
z += 1;

I've been trying to do something like this to go about storing the pointers to each of my nodes in an array, but haven't had success and don't entirely understand how to make an array of pointers (using a double pointer). Any help on how to store pointers into a dynamically allocated array of pointers would help a lot.

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    myNode** aryPtr = malloc(sizeof(myNode*)) * numItemsInList); is multiplying the pointer returned by malloc by numItemsInList -- not what you want. myNode **aryPtr = malloc (sizeof *aryPtr * numItemsInList); which will allocate numItemsInList pointers which you can then allocate a node and assign the address to each. – David C. Rankin Feb 12 at 9:10
  • Please post the actual code, not something your wrote down just now for SO only. – Lundin Feb 12 at 9:26

These two lines are a little problematic:

aryPtr[inc] = malloc(sizeof(myNode));
aryPtr[inc] = &(myList[z]);

The first assignment

aryPtr[inc] = malloc(sizeof(myNode));

allocates memory, and makes aryPtr[inc] point to that memory. But the next assignment

aryPtr[inc] = &(myList[z]);

throws away the result of the malloc call, and reassigns aryPtr[inc] to point somewhere else. That leads to a memory leak.

It's similar to having a simple int variable, and assigning it multiple times:

int a;
a = 5;
a = 10;

And then wonder why a is not equal to 5.

To solve this problem, either drop the first assignment with the malloc and only have

aryPtr[inc] = &myList[z];  // Make aryPtr[inc] point to myList[z]

Or dereference the destination pointer to copy the structure:

aryPtr[inc] = malloc(sizeof(myNode));
*aryPtr[inc] = myList[z];  // Copy the structure itself

Another couple of things:

With the code you show (you really need to provide a proper Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example) it looks like you're always using index 0 for both aryPtr and myList. You also use the same index for both aryPtr and myList, so you only need a single variable for that.

  • That makes sense! Thanks, also I want an array of pointers, wouldn't dereferencing it get me the actual values and not an actual reference to the pointer? How would I go about doing this – FlyinProgrammer Feb 12 at 8:39
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    @FlyinProgrammer Considering your use of &(myList[z]) that indicates that myList[z] is an instance of the structure. By using *aryPtr[inc] = myList[z] you will then copy the structure. It's similar to myNode myStructure; myStructure = myList[z];. Of course, this requires you to keep the malloc call. – Some programmer dude Feb 12 at 9:03

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